Where is South Korea’s go-to website for trending sports news and 안전놀이터 Safe playground

The go-to website for trendy sports news is now online. The equivalent of 안전놀이터 Safe playground when searching on Naver, Koreas top search engine.
The need for an online hub where fellow South Koreans can freely practice free speech may it be online or digital is the right of every Korean.

The South Korean constitution guarantees freedom of speech, press, petition and assembly for its nationals. However, behaviors or speeches in favor of the North Korean regime or communism can be punished by the National Security Law, though in recent years prosecutions under this law have been rare.

The government’s online content censorship has drawn substantial criticism from national and international freedom of expression organizations. In 2015, the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC), an official body responsible for monitoring online content, requested corrective action on prohibited content hence we are happy to announce the introduction of Toto-scraper. Feel free to visit our site and enjoy.

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